advice column

Hi! This is the Kakiat Middle School advice column, where you can ask your questions and help for school, and we’ll reply to you and hopefully help your dilemma. Feel free to anonymously ask about anything at all- we’re students just like you and we’ll keep things realistic and personal. If you would like to come ask the newspaper for any advice on school, experiences, almost anything. You can also email us at Common interests will be grouped into one answer, and we’ll definitely respond privately if it doesn’t happen to make it to the newspaper. So, go ahead and send your questions and requests!

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Feel free to send in any writing pieces, artwork, or questions for the school newspaper! We’ll always give the option of anonymous and you can add anything you’d like to bring up in the newspaper. Want to share a cause? Send it in. Have a question for the advice column, send it in to us and we’ll answer your question. The newspaper is open to enlighten our readers and bring up topics that the entire middle school wants to discuss.